Aaaah…I never know what to write on these things 🙂  Here are the facts: I’m a wife, mom of 4, native Texan (YEEHAW!) and now  residing in Central Washington.  In no particular order (and not limited to), I love music, interior decorating, walks, sunshine, a good thunderstorm, blog surfing, laughing, my family, food, Jesus, singing, rustic wood, guitars, peonies, mountains, etsy, coffee with friends, babies and letterpress.

I absolutely LOVE photography!  I see the world in photos. For me photography is all about a story, and I love good stories.   I strive to tell a story with the images I create.  Your photos are part of your history, apart of your story.  How do you want your story told?  When you look back at your life, what do you want to remember about yourself, your children, your spouse, your parents, ect.? Our brains are remarkable, but how soon we forget the little details.  Details that , as a parent of 4 growing kids, I wish I could tattoo on my mind.

So, I don’t just take pictures. I’m not just a photographer. I’m a storyteller.  I would love the opportunity to tell your story.  Your story should be authentic and…YOU.  Call me or email me and we can talk about what you have in mind or I can give you some ideas.  I would love to meet you!