Babies and Brothers…Back in Action!

Well…long time, no blog.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been exhausted.  Utterly. Exhausted.  Last November I began working at the family restaurant.  It was totally a last minute, family favor kind of thing.  Completely kicked my butt the first month.  Most of the time I am the only waitress on and sometimes the restaurant will fill up and I still have to take all the tables, bus the tables, answer the phone, and cashier.  That is EXACTLY why I never wanted to work there.  🙂  But I surprised myself, and I found out that when those times came it wasn’t fun, but I am capable.  I was also leery of old, grumpy people.  (Most of our patrons are elderly.) To my shock, I really dig the old ones!  With the exception of one  belligerent fool, my vintage crowd has been a pleasure to serve.  I get hugs, high-fives, called sweety, told that I have a pretty smile, and one customer told me I was pretty enough to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  AND…I lost 5 pounds during my first 2 weeks!  However, I have felt my creativity dwindle.  I have felt distracted, tired and wondered if I still had it in me to run a photography business.  Those thoughts really scared me!  I’ve worked hard to get my business to where it is today, and it kills me to know that I have had to let some things slip.

So when Misty contacted me and asked me to photograph her newborn baby and 1 yr old boy I was a little nervous.  Newborn sessions and wild, little boy sessions take a lot of stamina and creativity.  I NEEDED this to go well.  I actually ended up photographing Bryson’s newborn session in 2 parts.  It turns out he does not like being naked, and that was a problem since I had him naked the whole time.  Things went much smoother the 2nd time around.  He is actually around 6 weeks old in some of the photos as opposed to 2 weeks old in others.

Then there is Cale. He gets his own paragraph. 😉  What a busy little guy he is!  I knew he was gonna give me a run for my money.  Those usually end up being some of my favorite clients, by the way.  There’s just so much personality there to capture.  You know that if you can just trick them into being still you’re gonna strike gold.  Thankfully we had a cake to occupy him for half of his session.  His cake smash was such fun to witness.  The kid SMASHED his cake!  I love seeing all the different expressions during that segment.

Thank you Misty for allowing me to capture a special time in your boys’ lives and yours too.  I loved how the photos turned out!  And for the record, I’m not going anywhere for a long time!

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