Emmaline, 1 year {Central Washington Family Photographer}

Oh my goodness, I’ve been waiting very patiently for Emmaline’s parents to ask me to photograph her.  Seriously, every time I saw a photo of her sweet little face on FaceBook I just knew that she needed to be in front of MY camera.  Her eyes are killer!  My oldest daughter is always talking about Emmaline and her big, brown eyes.

And I need to let you know that baby E  is related to me…by marriage, but still.  I know it’s not fair,  but there is not one ugly kid in our family!  Not one!  They are all so stinkin’ cute.

When my oldest daughter, who is now 11, was a baby Jeff used to tease her all the time.  There was a time where I had JUST gotten her to sleep and then Jeff woke her up…on purpose!  He just has that reputation with all the little kids…”the teaser”.  I always swore when he had kids I was going to give them heck!  I just can’t bring myself to do it though.  Emmaline is too sweet.  I guess I’m just not a punk like that. 😉 Now on to the good stuff…

Thank you Jeff and Elizabeth for asking me to take Emmaline’s pictures.  She is so adorable!

(P.S.  To be fair to Jeff, he also used to come by and take Katelyn to the park…just for fun.  That was very nice.)

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3 Responses to Emmaline, 1 year {Central Washington Family Photographer}

  1. Annie Lang says:

    Beautiful photos Ashley!! I can’t wait to order some prints!!
    Absolutely lovely!!!

  2. cheryl/grandma says:

    Oh my goodness, those are adorable….Emmaline couldn’t look cuter, and the parents are pretty spiffy too. As always Ashley, a terrific job!!

  3. Anjye says:

    I’m speechless! We already know she’s stunning but come on! You’ve captured her personality perfectly. Great job, again!

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