I knew her when… {Redmond Family Photographer}

Janna and I go way back.  We were friends in college back in Dallas, TX.  I remember her telling me that after she graduated that she was going to move to Washington because her parents just moved there for her dad’s new job.  She was going to intern at her dad’s church.  I never, EVER, thought for a second that her moving to Washington would have anything to do with me.  Little did I know that I would marry a Washington boy and that my husband would end up working at that same church.  Janna and I reconnected, and long story short I was around when she met her husband Kris.  Josh and I had the honor of being in their wedding.  Then I remember when she called and told me she was pregnant with twins.  I remember when she called me again and told me she was pregnant…with twins…AGAIN.  Right now her boys (ALL boys) are 3yrs. and under.  Can you imagine how busy this woman is?!

After I moved a few years ago I was surprised to learn from Janna that she wanted to be a photographer and start her own business.  I honestly didn’t know if she was going to stick it out.  I figured with having 2 sets of twin boys so close together that she wouldn’t have the time or energy.  Well, she’s devouring all things photography and business right now.  The woman is a MACHINE!  If you live in the greater Seattle area you should consider hiring her.

I love this one. It shows a little of the chaos, but I love how Janna is laughing.  Janna laughs A LOT.  You’d have to or else you’d go crazy…or drink. You could call this, “Laugh, because it’s better than cryin’ .”

I just want to make it clear that the parents were standing by.  Safety, people..gotta be safe. The boys are looking for fish in the stream.

This is the happiest they were all morning.

BaBOOOOM, pretty lady!  Go ahead and stare at yourself…you look gorg.

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