Tina + Steve {Ephrata Wedding Photographer}

I have never met a bride who laughed as much as Tina did.  I think in the majority of her photos she’s either laughing or trying not to.  🙂  Steve is more quiet, and I bet the 2 of them balance each other out nicely.  Another great couple with a great support network of awesome friends and family.  THAT has to be the most important ingredient for an amazing wedding day.  You can have THE best cake, flowers, decor…the most expensive dress, caterer, photographer and wedding venue but it doesn’t really mean a whole lot if you don’t have the love and presence of your friends and family there to share that with.  Unless of course there’s a ton of drama in your life regarding said family or friends and then just go ahead and elope.  Seriously….save your money and your nerves and elope!

ANYWAY…Tina and Steve are blessed with an abundance of people (related and non-related) who have really cared for them and loved them to where they are at today.  Tina actually had, in addition to her father, four other men walk with her down the aisle.  She had her “honorary fathers and mothers” for the day.

Steve is my second groom in a row that is from Texas.  I’m kind of a magnet for Texans.  We just gravitate toward each other.  Steve’s sweet mom made the journey here, and I bet she was LOVIN’ the cooler days and much cooler nights here.  I believe that Steve’s family is going to have a reception for them in Texas where they will also make their home.

Blah, blah, blah…let’s see some eye candy!

Getting ready photos can be some of my favorites.  In this photo I like all the women that are surrounding the bride ready to help her with the slightest of details and telling her how beautiful she looks all the while.

the First Look

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