Into the Garden {Central Washington Family Photographer}

Raehanne shared with me how much she loves going to the Community Garden.  It is indeed beautiful.  I honestly have never walked through ANY community garden, but what a culmination of love, hard-work and pride! It’s just so….neighborly and peaceful.  This was the perfect setting for our bohemian, teepee, kiddie hobo camp!  It took some convincing to get this session done.  We ALL had to convince ourselves to leave the comfy couch, ignore our hungry bellies and just get it done.  As we made our way down the street, Tru on his mama’s hip, Aehsley carrying the chalkboard, Maeha trying her best NOT to roll her eyes at her mom, Emery on his Sküt and me pulling a little red wagon piled with goodies…Raeh and I knew we were doing the right thing.  Even the mosquitoes were not going to get us down!  All in all I think the kids had fun and were glad their mama tore them away from  playing with their cousins.  There was even some scary excitement as we walked back home…a rattlesnake right next to the sidewalk.  We grabbed Nate and walked with haste back to the ugly, horrid thing (not a snake lover. can you tell?) and watched as Nate tried to kill it with a shovel.  Not long after 2 other men came and one of them shot it.  It was probably one of the most thrilling sites my kids have witnessed all summer.  Nate put the decapitated snake in a Safeway bag, and I watched it try to slither up the side of the bag as Maeha carried it home.  Gross.  ANYWAY…..I love this family, and it’s always an adventure when we get together.

 This one is for you, Raehanne….

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One Response to Into the Garden {Central Washington Family Photographer}

  1. That looks like such a fun session! Beautiful kids and beautiful pictures! Awesome job!!

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