Dave + Yvette {Central Washington Family Photographer}

Dave and Yvette are a fun couple celebrating 10 yrs of being married.  Yvette contacted me months ago for this special session.  They live west of the mountains and wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cave B and Central Washington.  As we walked around the grounds we laughed at the kids and marveled at the differences between the eastern and western Washington landscapes. It really is completely different over here. When we first moved here about 3 years ago it was hard to trade the lush greenery and mountains of the greater Seattle area for sagebrush and dust.  Hearing Dave and Yvette lament over the lack of summer they’ve been experiencing (or haven’t experienced I should say) made me thankful, if even for a little while, to be living in dusty, dry, tumbleweed town Ephrata.

D & Y I really hope you enjoyed  your time at Cave B.  Sorry it was stormy on your last day but at least you had 2 really nice, warm days to remember what summer is supposed to feel like.

A rare moment.  Little J was still and looking up.  He’s a 2 yr. old!

Yvette is GORGEOUS!

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