Hannah + Zach {Ephrata Wedding Photographer}

WARNING:  This is gonna be a long post! 🙂

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding ever since it was booked.  Hannah and Zach are both musicians, and I have a special place in my heart for musicians.  🙂  Hannah is also an amazing singer/song writer and together Hannah and Zach form “Hannah Jean and Mr. Right“.  (Zach and Hannah’s last name is Wright.  Cute, huh?!) When we sat down for our pre-wedding consultation and Hannah pulled out her big, white binder full of ideas I was all giddy inside.  I appreciate good decor.  I REALLY do!  If my fingers fell off and I couldn’t hold a camera any more I would turn to party planning.  I loved Hannah and Zach’s ideas.  The theme for their wedding was a vintage lovebird theme.  Uhhh..hello…I also have a thing for all things vintage AND birds.  Okay, so I’ve got my musicians, I’ve got my vintage, and I’ve got my birds.  Excitement overload!

Another reason that I looked forward to this wedding was that I have never met a man so excited to get married as Zachary Wright!  Hannah was plenty thrilled, too.  I enjoyed reading her sweet little comments she left for Zach on his FaceBook page.  They were (and still are) both so sweet, so in love and so innocent.  It was refreshing.

The ceremony was one of the sweetest and holiest wedding ceremonies that I have ever attended.  After Hannah’s father, Peter, gave her away Hannah and small band of musicians led a couple of worship songs.   Before they said their vows they had both sets of parents (who are still married to each other) come up and pray for them.  (Josh and I also did this at our wedding.)  Then they said their vows to each other that they had written themselves.  I was already teary eyed but the tears flowed when Zach told Hannah, “You are my first and my last…”  In all our humanity and the messes that we make not too many of us can say that (you are my first) to our beloved on our wedding day.  I only bring that up for you to understand the sweetness and holiness of this day.

It was just a great day full of some really wonderful people.  Bonus was that the reception venue, The Ivy Chapel Inn, is within walking distance to my house. I could stand on the sidewalk in front of my house and throw a rock and hit the lawn of the Chapel with ease.  I could get used to that!

And it took me FOREVER to narrow down the photos to share.  There are so many that I love!

(The photos above are from their “First Look”)

(Zach is holding is grandfather’s favorite pipe.)

Hannah was stunning with her ivory skin and dark hair.

(The quilt they are sitting on belonged to Hannah’s grandmother.)

(Hannah’s dad, Peter, reading a scripture)

All of the shots in this story board and the one above (in addition to the sandals shot) were taken by the lovely Ashlee Best, my assistant.

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