Nick and Joy are gettin’ married! {Ephrata Engagement Photographer}

Joy is beautiful, funny, intelligent and generous. My husband’s family likes to play games and it’s always more fun when Joy plays (especially Scategories).  What I love about Joy is that what you see is what you get.  She’s straight up with you but somehow manages to be SO kind and gracious, too.  My children ADORE her!  I saw a shirt recently that said, “Aunts are like moms but cooler.” ( I’m sure my kids agree 🙂

Nick is handsome, kind, thoughtful and also intelligent.  This is a man IN LOVE!  There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind how much he loves Joy.  We are confident that she’s safe when she’s with Nick.  We also have no doubt that he will be an awesome husband to Joy and a loving step-father to Tay.  Nick compliments Joy so well.  We are excited to gain him as a family member!  (Nick, my children also adore you.)

I’m so excited for you both.  Joy, you deserve this! Welcome to family, Nick!  We wish you all the best that God has in store for you.

Love you-Ashley

I’m so glad we did this shot!  I’m really pleased with how it came out.

Nice legs, Joy!

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3 Responses to Nick and Joy are gettin’ married! {Ephrata Engagement Photographer}

  1. cheryl/grandma says:

    So fun to see. As usual you have outdone yourself. Love the settings. Having a beautiful young couple in love made your job easier I’m sure. Congratulations to all. Aunt Cheryl

  2. Lisa says:

    As usual she is soooo striking

  3. ashleyjulianphoto says:

    Lisa, I agree!

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