Dream a little dream

I’ve already had several  dreams come true like becoming a mom, living in a state that has real, bonafide mountains and having a job that I love.  There are a few dreams however that have yet to become a reality.  So here are a few dreams in no particular order that I am still waiting for.

#1. I really want my family to dress up as characters from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween.  Every year I strongly suggest it, and every year I get turned down.  I would also go for a Super Hero theme as well.  I’m thinking I may have more of a chance with that one though.

#2. I love to sing and although I hate the spotlight I would love to sing while playing an acoustic guitar in front of a very lively and adoring crowd just once.  Funny thing is every time I picture myself doing this I am wearing khaki bermuda shorts and a boxy, yellow Hawaiian shirt.  Eww… I know.  I guess I’ve been dreaming about this since I was in high school and I really didn’t have a sense of style then.  And no…I don’t play the guitar.  Not anymore any way.

#3. Okay, and now for a more serious one.  This one is harder for me to explain because it has so many different levels to it.  Someday I hope to take photos that make people stop dead in their tracks…photos that tell a story so vividly that one feels a personal connection with the subject(s). AND, and, and…THEN that feeling sparks a response in the form of action. I’m talking about social justice issues.  This dream is still unfolding but it’s already taken a deep root in my heart.  I feel like what I’m learning right now from taking family portraits and weddings here and there are preparing me for something else.  Not something better because I feel like what I do right now is extremely important, but I feel like I would be missing a part of my destiny or calling in life if I didn’t push myself beyond the type of photography that I’m doing right now.

So what are some of your dreams???

2 of my cuties

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10 Responses to Dream a little dream

  1. Kelli says:

    You are well on your way, Ashley Julian! God adores your heart and where He has you now, is preparation for your future, what ever that is. He knows your name!!!! Keep doing all things well, as you always do, and your dreams will be fulfilled because He placed them inside of you. BWT, I will have to show you pics of Paige’s Wizard of Oz birthday party!!!!! Hilarious! I am always about dress up when it comes to parties! As far as the singing, I think BC can make that happen! 🙂

  2. raeh raeh says:

    love it! i have an amazing mentor in my life and she had a vision of me and some other woman doing ministry over 100’s of woman. walking around them, touching them, praying for them, worshipping with them, showing them a new life through Christ. i dream of that. can’t you just see us ashley! team “ashanne”, through Him who gives us strength!

    • ashleyjulianphoto says:

      Raeh, i love your dream! I can totally see you doing that without any stretch of the imagination. I’d join your team any day, friend!

  3. Ashley, it’s a beautiful dream, and so aligned with your scope of talents and personality traits. Photographs have a way of cutting straight to the heart of an issue, and what better way to bring focus and compassion for those who need our love and care? Love hearing you voice it, and I can’t wait to see what God does to make your dream come true!

  4. Inez Hayes says:

    God knows your heart and will bring it to fruition–it may be soon or later. Your perseverance in what you are doing now is so important because not only is God refining your skill he is refining your heart. You have an amazing dream and I will be praying for you–I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

    Oh! My dream is to adopt one or more children. God has been refining my heart and given me a love for those that need it that I never thought possible.

    • ashleyjulianphoto says:

      Thanks, Nez. I love that you want to adopt children. I think you and Eric would be amazing adoptive parents!

  5. cheryl/grandma says:

    Love hearing what is on your hearts, what God has put there and how you are responding…You are all a blessing to this old lady who seems to get more cranky and tired all the time. You’ve lifted me up greatly this morning….Love, Cheryl

    • Hannah says:

      Dear Miss Cheryl,
      if you are reading this,do
      you have a dream that you
      wantee to do somethng about
      it? I do,saving the planets from any
      sort of danger,if you heard me sing,you
      would be surprise about my singing,email
      me if I have touched your heart,I may be someone
      you don’t know,but I ahve a dream.From Hannah

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