Kayser’s 1 yr Portraits and Cake Smash {Ephrata Baby Photographer}

“Oh.My.Word!”  That’s what I kept saying to myself as I was editing these photos from today’s session.  Could this baby be any prettier?  And what I love about this family(besides that they’re SO nice) is that mama likes pink!  You should have seen all the little hats, headbands and other accessories they came with.  It was awesome!  What a little diva!  Minus the attitude.

This was my first cake smash, and I’m likin’ what I see 🙂 Kayser loved it, too.  We tried to take the cake away a couple of times, and she was not having it. Some of these cake photos are my favorite EVER…and that’s saying a lot.  I’m glad we went with the rainbow cake.  Props to Dave who frosted it 😉

Alright folks, I have A LOT of photos to share.  There were just too many that I loved.  Dave and Holly, you’re gonna have a hard time choosing 🙂

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4 Responses to Kayser’s 1 yr Portraits and Cake Smash {Ephrata Baby Photographer}

  1. Katie Johnson says:

    Oh. My. GAWD. I can’t even begin to believe how perfect these are.

  2. Kelli says:

    Completely adorable! I love the cake ones! She is just darling and I am confident her parents are so pleased in how you captured her little personality!

  3. Dawn Galster says:

    Oh my gosh, Ashley! You never cease to amaze me! Your talent is crazy good! Nice work….and you’re right…Dave and Holly will never be able to decide! Simply wonderful!!!!!

  4. ashleyjulianphoto says:

    your awesome mom!!!!!!!!!!!! love jocelyn

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