Newborns. How? When? Why? {Ephrata Newborn Photographer}

First off, I have an announcement to make.  And NO, I am not pregnant!  Thank you, Jesus…I am done having babies 🙂  But I will be an auntie again.  I’m having a new niece!  I just knew my sister-in-law was pregnant with a girl.   Her baby shower is gonna be GORGEOUS 🙂  I’ve already started visualizing a diaper cake creation.  Think lots of headbands, fabric flowers made of silk, bird cage veils and possibly some chiffon or tulle.  Very couture.   Besides, I’m beyond excited to get a new model 😉

I’ve also had 2 families in the last 24 hrs who have contacted me about photographing their newborns.  Yay! I’m thrilled to meet new babies and families 🙂  But that got me to thinking…most families probably have no idea when to schedule those newborn photos.  When is the best time to bring in your baby to get those impossibly cute poses?

If you are a pregnant mama THAT is the time to schedule your newborn session.  You will contact me and I will circle your due date on my calendar and make sure to leave a few spots open for you around your due date.  As soon as you bring your baby cakes home from the hospital you’ll call me to lock in your session.  In order to get those sleepy, curled up, womb like photos I need to photograph your little bundle by the time he or she is 2 weeks old.  Ideally 5-11 days old.

Usually, I will come to your home and set up a little studio in front of a big window.  Your house will be toasty warm.  You will feed your baby, get baby to sleep and pass baby to me 🙂  Then it’s my turn.  That’s when the Baby Whisperer in me goes to work.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help your little one stay asleep.  Sometimes they wake up and need mom again, and that’s okay.  It takes lots and lots of patience, and patience takes time.  I’ve yet to do a newborn session under 2 hours.

Don’t worry if that umbilical cord stump is still there.  Photographers like that.  It’s unique to the newborn, and good photog will catch that.  Don’t worry if they pee or poop on me or the blankets or YOU.  It’s all washable, and  it would be odd if your baby didn’t do this.  Don’t worry if your house is a mess.  No one in their right mind expects your home to be in order right after having a baby.  Besides I have 4 kids, and I feel like my house is in constant dissarray.  My point is don’t let any of those worries keep you from booking a newborn session.  I promise you that you won’t regret it.  If anything you may regret NOT doing it.  I’m not saying that to guilt you into anything, but when I look back at photos of my babies I TOTALLY regret not taking more photos of them when they were newborns.  I was just too stinkin’ tired during that time.  So let someone else capture that sweet time in your baby’s life (and your motherhood) for you.

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3 Responses to Newborns. How? When? Why? {Ephrata Newborn Photographer}

  1. raeh raeh says:

    well said sister! my what a cute little babe that is! so thankful to have these irreplaceable moments captured! love you and all you do!

  2. cheryl/grandma says:

    Loved your salespitch…I have to admit sometimes it seems like everyone is having pictures taken all the time, BUT then I see those precious little ones, and realize there is never enough. Keep it up you Moms and baby photographer, I love them….

  3. Irene says:

    Well said Ashley! I love those pictures. Having those those newborn pics is priceless.

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