Baby Tru with a little bit of Gideon on the side ;)

Finally some client photos!  This is little Mr. Tru who happens to be on the Baby Plan.  He is 6 months old and full of chubbs and rolls and sweet baby coo’s.  His mama was a little disappointed when he woke up with a swollen, red eye lid.  Oh well, we just went with it.  This little guy has been sick much of his short life so we decided it was best to get what we could because if we reschedule he might get sick again and well….I’m glad we did.  Tru really wanted the comfort of mama’s arms that day so our session was short and sweet just like him.

Love those eyelashes and bottom lip!

This one may be my favorite.

Then cousin Gideon came over to play as did Grandma and Grandpa. The only thing that was missing was the princess of this trio of cousins, Emmaline.  We’ll have to try again to get all 3 babies together later.

Tru was done…

…but Gideon was ready for his close up.  🙂

This is a wall in Tru’s room.  I wanted to show you this so you can see an example of how to display your photos.  (The hospital photos were taken by Jordan Baker Photography.)  Now it’s my goal to get some huge canvas’s up in Nate and Raeh’s home once I do their family photos later this year 🙂

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6 Responses to Baby Tru with a little bit of Gideon on the side ;)

  1. Anjye says:

    Beautiful!! Thanks for squeezing Gideon in too, we had a lot of fun. Next time we’ll plan lunch better! 😉

  2. ashleyjulianphoto says:

    Hey, I enjoyed it!

  3. raeh raeh says:

    i think that one is my favorite too! of course, he is in a smily mood today. thank you for coming down…why don’t you just move here already! love you ashley!

  4. cheryl/grandma says:

    Couldn’t have been more fun…Ashley, you are a marvel with your camera. Fun seeing the babies together and you ladies…Love you all

  5. ashleyjulianphoto says:

    Thanks, Aunt Cheryl! Glad you had a good time. Can’t wait to see ALL the new babies at Easter. Love you, too 🙂

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