Etsy Friday {Woodland decor}

So sorry for the lack of photography related posts lately.  I’ve been busy helping plan and put together a women’s retreat for the ladies at my church.  The retreat is THIS WEEKEND!  I came home last night after a long day of decorating, and my legs and feet were all kinds of sore.  It reminded me of how I felt after I shot my first wedding (minus the sore wrist).

I  L O V E to decorate.  Unfortunately, you might not get that idea when you enter my house.  It’s because I have 4 children and a never ending list of things that NEED to get done.  That’s why decorating for this retreat was so enjoyable for me.  It’s a job that I volunteered for, and it HAD to get done.

But that’s not what this post is supposed to be about!  It’s about the fresh, rustic decor at Bragging Bags on Etsy.  Fresh from transforming the church foyer and sanctuary I was inspired by 2 products in particular at Bragging Bags.  Part of our decor theme for the retreat was Spring inspired, and how I would have LOVED to use this birch vase.  I actually would love it for my home.  It combines my affinity for monograms and rustic wood.

As I was looking through the shop at Bragging Bags I saw this awesome moss table runner.  How gorgeous is that decor in the photo?!  It totally makes me want to be wedding decorator. Moss. Table runner.  Love it!

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