Jason+Chantel+Ashley+Emma+Olivia+Miley {Ephrata Family Photographer}

When Chantel and I were chatting about her session I got super excited.  I photographed this family a couple of years ago, and some of the photos from that session are still among my all time favorites.  Well, I think I found some new favorites today!

This family rocked it again!  Joining them this time were Jason’s parents all the way from Alaska.  I love, love, LOVE that they thought to get professional photos while they are here.  You must take advantage of opportunities like this.  You never know if you’ll get another one.

And it was cold out there.  It was warmer today than it’s been in the last couple of weeks, but that WIND… ! The kids were troopers.  They were fabulous, and I don’t recall much whining going on.  At the very end of our session we were doing our thing and 3 ginormous German Shepherd looking dogs came running at us out of nowhere.  I was slightly horrified!  For a second I thought one of us might get mauled.  Thank the good Lord that they were friendly.  Obnoxious, but friendly 🙂  For the record, I would have fought them off with my big camera. 🙂

She has amazing eyes!


How cute are THEY?!

Shot of the day 🙂

And last but not least…..


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One Response to Jason+Chantel+Ashley+Emma+Olivia+Miley {Ephrata Family Photographer}

  1. chantel says:

    Thank you, Ashley! They are so great. I can’t believe you have them up already! AmAzInG!! Thank you ~ thank you.

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