Ben, Jada, Lindsay, Chase & Sienna {Ephrata Family Photographer}

I’ve been wanting to photo this family for QUITE a while now.  Besides the fact that they are all beautiful people, they also own horses.  I turn into a little girl around horses.  What little girl doesn’t have a thing for horses at one point or another?  So here is fair warning that I am about to post a boot load of photos.  I promise I’m not playing favorites, but come on….THEY HAVE HORSES! 🙂

Thanks Ben and Jada for letting me photograph your wonderful family.

Freckles + Pony = Ultimate cuteness.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful child? Didn’t think so.

He reminds me of my brother when he was that age.  *Sigh*

Ben has had horses most of his life.  Jada barely had a pet before she married Ben, yet Jada is quite the cowgirl.  It’s inspiring actually.  There may be hope for me after all.

Hello, Chatty Kathy here. 😉 This one is just stunning!

Oh, Lindsay!  I think you are living the dream, my little friend.

I have no words!

Dad’s idea.  Thanks, Ben!

That’s a wrap!

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