Ephrata Family Photographer…Meet the B Family

I had photographed this family at the end of fall but never showed them off and that’s a shame because they are too cute NOT to.  Enjoy 🙂

So sweet little baby cakes was not a happy camper that day and was letting us know about it.  We were doing everything we could think of to keep her happy and yet not have the evidence of our attempts in the photos.  It was not working.  So we just had to laugh! I mean really what else can you do??? Just roll with it.  Moms, I have 4 kiddos and please believe me when I tell you “I feel your pain!”

These girls are the cutest!  And so fun. Can’t you just see their personalities showing through?

Annnnnd…baby is DONE, hahaha!

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One Response to Ephrata Family Photographer…Meet the B Family

  1. Keilah says:

    Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I have tried everything I can to fix it, and people I know have emailed as well…. But it still seems to be going back anf forth with the zip file thing. Thank you! I hope it is fixed, I would love someone to win the camera as well. ;cD
    Great shoot here- I love all the colors!

    Thank you,

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