Moses Lake Quincianera Photographer

This was my very first Quincianera, and I was so excited for the day to arrive.  Keila is a beautiful girl, and her family was so sweet.  I really enjoyed myself, and I hope I get to do more in the future.  Feliz cumpleanos, Keila!

See! I told you she was beautiful.
Check out that crew!
Give me some sass 😉


I had another little photographer to contend with. Keep it up, girlfriend!


Keila was getting “roasted.” Beware of Big Macs, Keila. 😉


This is Karen Delgado-Gilmartin. She did a great job planning this event.  If you have a special event coming up you should definitely check her out.

**Tomorrow I will be introducing my assistant and the lovely photos taken by said assistant.  You don’t want to miss! 🙂 

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One Response to Moses Lake Quincianera Photographer

  1. Ashley, the pictures are amazing! I can’t wait for Keila to see!

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